The Great Tablet

 The Great Tablet

By Graham Henderson


There is a tablet housed beyond the efflugent horizon on which is written the collective experience of all mankind – every life inscribed with complete accuracy.

Which means: your life is meaningful! Your actions and experiences are recorded and kept for all eternity.

Which means: you’ve got no great responsibility to be acutely aware of this fleeting life. It’s trajectory – emotions, experiences, and relationships – is transcribed already.

Our lives are no more than the words written on the most great tablet – we’re fortunate to be eternal even as we move through this fleeting, changing, transient life.

A Created Thing


I am a created thing – made from dust, the same as every other form of moving dust; thinking thoughts of: Love, Self.

Time, time, time -

Moving dust – the so-called:


Alive like a created thing – in love with all the blessings of being made a moving form of dust, like:

Two shots too many and a pounding headache lying – as if dead – on sweat soaked sheets over a bed like a sink hole.


Holding your beloved with no intent but to truly belong! Finally in her arms I can say I’m home – and my wandering eye and wandering desire stop to rest upon words inscribed by this very pen – carved upon the page of my looping mind – carved through layers of paper:

I am a created thing!

Made from dust and brought up from nothing.

Made from dust and brought up in love.

Made from dust and brought up to learn.

Made from dust and brought down, only to return.